Upcoming Events

January 31

  1. 9:00am

    Certain turning points in humankind's history have been defined by the creation or discovery of something...

  2. 10:00am

    Learn more about invention number 37:
    The Printing Press!

    Print your own keepsake card with Huntsville based Gree...

February 03

  1. 9:00am

    The U.S. Space & Rocket Center® is honoring seniors in this community with a new Senior Appreciation Series for guests ages 55 and up....

February 05

  1. 9:00am
    Runs five consecutive weeks starting, Jan 8, 2015.

    Space ART: The Wonders of the Universe...

February 14

  1. 11:30am

    I Love Science: Bacteria and Germs
    Each child collects samples from around the room or swab their noses and mouths to grow...

  2. 7:00pm

    The U.S. Space & Rocket Center invites you to “Pour Your Heart Out” this Valentine’s Day with an unforgettable evening in...

February 24

  1. 9:00am

    This Homeschool Exclusive Ultimate Field Trip is designed with age-appropriate STEM curriculum. Adventure Day includes a guided tour with a museum...

March 14

  1. 9:00am

    Boy Scouts and Cub Scouts - join us on Saturday, March 14, 2015, for Spring Boy Scout Day at the U.S. Space & Rocket Center! ...

  2. 11:30am

    Albert Einstein and Pi Day
    Celebrate Albert Einstein’s birthday and Pi Day with demonstrations of relativity and...

March 28

  1. 9:00am

    Visitors explore the biomechanics of complex animal robots to discover how real animals work, thanks to a touring exhibit, "The Robot Zoo....

April 02

  1. 9:00am
    Runs five consecutive weeks starting, March 5, 2015.

    STEAM Curriculum: ...

April 04

  1. 9:00am

    $18 per person

April 11

  1. 11:30am

    Molecules in Motion
    Design and build your own molecule. Discover how molecules form with bonds and interact together. Each...

April 17

  1. 9:00am

    The new NASA Rover Challenge is an engineering design challenge that focuses on NASA’s current plans to explore planets, moons, asteroids...

May 09

  1. 11:30am

    Health and Human Science
    Being healthy, eating right and exercise is important. Space Camp nursing staff teaches the...

June 13

  1. 11:30am

    The Past Comes Alive: Making fossils
    Have you ever wondered how fossils are made? Discover your inner Geologist and...

July 11

  1. 11:30am

    You Know It’s All About That Base… and Acids, Too!
    What are acids and bases? What happens when you mix the two...

August 08

  1. 11:30am

    Science Behind the Color Wheel
    Using candy, we will discover how color wheels and complementary colors are used by artists...

September 12

  1. 11:30am

    The Science of Animation
    Each child will make an animated flip book showing how pictures move and form a cartoon. Discover...

October 10

  1. 11:30am

    The Science of Mummification
    Learn the process of ancient Egyptian mummification as you make your own mummified apple....

October 29

  1. 4:30pm

    Stein and Dine!

    Visit the U.S. Space & Rocket Center every Thursday from 4:30 p.m. - 7:30 p.m. through October 29,...

November 14

  1. 11:30am

    Skittle Statistics
    Discover the math behind a bag of skittles! Mean, median and mode and discovering the percentage of the...

December 12

  1. 11:30am

    Discover what materials are needed to jumpstart life on a planet, and make your own test tube showcasing these...

December 31

  1. 9:00am

    Inspired by the featured exhibit, "101 Inventions that Changed...

January 11

  1. 9:00am

    Move objects with your mind, become invisible, play games with a robot and experience augmented reality!

    Science Fiction, Science...