Rocket Explorer Experience

MAY 29 through AUGUST 11, 2017

Ages 5**- 7
Ages 8 - 10


  • Take part in interactive lab activities led by our education department
  • Experiment with International Space Station science projects
  • Learn rocketry principles by building and launching rockets
  • Gain an understanding of a day in the life of an astronaut
  • Draw and design a mission patch
  • Explore museum activities, including museum exhibits and simulators like the Mars Climbing Wall and Space Shot
  • Learn how Huntsville took man to the moon
  • Enjoy water activities during your weeklong adventure (weather permitting)


  • Gain an understanding of the principles of flight
  • Fly an F-18 cockpit simulator
  • Learn basic survival skills
  • Train in water-survival scenarios
  • Practice hands-on training in fire and shelter construction
  • Construct a model balsa wood glider
  • Explore design principles of aviation with our 12 on-site aircraft
  • Enjoy outdoor activities, including simulators and swimming (weather permitting)


  • Work in teams to design and build robots
  • Explore basic computer programming
  • Sharpen communication and team-building skills
  • Complete engineering and design projects
  • Participate in critical thinking and logic-building activities
  • Design a rover
  • Learn principles of digital design and modeling
  • Compete in end-of-the-week team robotics challenge
  • Enjoy water activities during your weeklong adventure (weather permitting)


Full payment due at the time of booking.

  • One week: $275 per week
  • Two to four weeks: $250 per week
  • Five or more weeks: $225 per week

All programs are held in Huntsville, Alabama.

Programs are subject to change without notice.
**Must have completed kindergarten
Rocket Explorer Experience Suggested Packing List

Please put your child’s name on all items so that we can return them easily should they be lost.

  • Backpack
  • Bug spray
  • Sun screen
  • Water bottle
  • Light rain jacket
  • Hat
  • Swimwear and towel (For water activity day ONLY)
  • Disposable Camera
  • Change or $1 bills for vending machines
  • Morning snack (Lunch and afternoon snack provided)

Nuts and nut-containing items are NOT allowed in any Space Camp trainee areas of the Space Camp Crew Galley (dining area). Any nut products brought in will be confiscated and disposed of immediately and without reimbursement.

The U.S. Space & Rocket Center are not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged items.

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