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Homeschool Adventure STEAM Curriculum: lessons rich in Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics.

Reservations, paid in advance, are required. Limited space available.

For reservations contact: 1-800-637-7223 or Email:

 (Ages 6-12)

U.S. Space & Rocket Center Homeschool Program presents its 2016 Homeschool Adventure Day STEM lab topics. Each STEM lab is a showcase for the next Homeschool Lecture Series. All STEM labs are based on age of the students and meet state and federal education standards. $25 per person.

 (Ages 6-12)

Solar System Science: Take a hands-on tour of the solar system, and discover each planet’s unique features and atmosphere. Learn how geologists study these planetary features and about the help they get from robotic and satellite probes exploring deep regions of the solar system. $99 per person. 

  • Class 1: Sun
  • Class 2: Terrestrial Planets
  • Class 3: Asteroid Belt
  • Class 4: Gas Giants
  • Class 5: Kuiper Belt

 (Ages 6-12)

Weather Wonders: Train to be meteorologist! Explore the atmosphere above and discover the science behind Earth’s weather patterns and climate. Conduct solar science, collect weather data and learn weather safety from a National Weather Service representative. $99 per person.

  • Class 1: Solar Energy
  • Class 2: Atmosphere
  • Class 3: Water Cycle
  • Class 4: Weather vs Climate
  • Class 5: Weather Safety Training


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