Guest Services

The U.S. Space & Rocket Center Guest Services and Information Desk is located at the ticket desk in the main museum. We are dedicated to making your visit to the Center a terrific experience, and we offer the following services:

  • FREE Wheelchair or Stroller Checkout
    • Simply leave your driver’s license or picture identification with the ticket desk and check out a wheelchair or stroller for the day.
  • Member Check-In
    • Renew a membership, update information on your account, or check in to the museum for the day.  If you aren’t a member yet, this is where you’ll become part of our community!
             Click here to learn more about Membership opportunities.
  • Group Check-In
    • If you have a group reservation, please check with our Daily Group Coordinator to confirm your check in location!

      Most groups check in at the Davidson Center for Space Exploration, however this is subject to change depending on your arrival time.
  • VIP Guest Check-In
    • Check in here with employee passes, comp tickets, or if your name is on the guest register.
  • Guest Information
    • Have a question? We have an answer! Get directions, information or assistance here.
  • Kennels
    • Outdoor kennels are available and located to the east of the museum. Guests may obtain a lock and key to the kennel from the guest services information desk. Photo ID is required.
  • Electric Scooter
    • Electric Convenience Vehicles (ECVs) are battery-powered devices that are used by guests who may have difficulty walking over medium to long distances. These scooters are powered by quiet-running electric motors and come in three- or four-wheel models. They are steered using handlebars that are attached to a vertical arm known as a tiller. Scooters are also great for outdoor use and can be driven easily over a variety of surfaces.
      • $25.00 Rental
      • Available in the Gift Shop


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