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The team behind the multi-award-winning documentary THE LAST MAN ON THE MOON is DELIGHTED to announce a new short-form edition, focused on Apollo 17, one of NASA’s most remarkable missions.


The 23-minute film celebrates the 50th anniversary of the mission, its crew and those who supported humanity’s most recent journey to the Lunar surface.

THE LAST MAN ON THE MOON - APOLLO 17 has extensive new material including commander Gene Cernan’s never-before-heard words to the next US astronauts to leave their footprints on the Moon, which we now know as the ARTEMIS generation. The film honors the past and looks forward to the future.

A Mark Stewart Productions/Haviland Digital movie, The Last Man on the Moon - APOLLO 17 is directed by Mark Craig, produced by Gareth Dodds and Keith Haviland, and executive produced by Mark Stewart.