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Space Shot™

Length: 30-seconds
Capacity: 12

Experience the 4G force of blast-off and weightlessness of space as you are launched 180 feet in the air.

Price: $200/hr (one-hour minimum)

Must be 54-inches or taller to participate.    



Length: 5-minutes
Capacity: 45

Feel the same force of gravity the astronauts experience during a shuttle launch.

Price: $150/hr (one-hour minimum)

Must be 48-inches or taller to participate.    


Kids Cosmos

Young visitors to the U.S. Space & Rocket Center will find something new and just their size! The Kids Cosmos Energy Depletion Zone, outdoors in Rocket Park, is a covered open-air pavilion featuring a safe, rubberized play surface for children eight years old and under. Inside the pavilion is the Lunar Lander, a simulator that slowly launches children about 20 feet into the air and then slowly descends, simulating a landing on the moon's surface. There are crawl tubes designed like a space station and child-powered miniature space shuttles.

Price: $150/hr (one-hour minimum)

Children must be 54-inches or shorter to participate.  


Mars Climbing Wall

Length: 5-minutes
Capacity: 12

Climb a cliff face on a Martian volcano on our Olympus Mons Climbing Wall.

Price: $200/hr (one-hour minimum)


Closed-toed shoes required.    





Gift Shop

Many out-of-town guests enjoy an exclusive visit to our one-of-a-kind gift shop located in the front lobby.  It is a great addition to any event!

Price: $50/hr (one-hour minimum)



Hyper Ship – Motion Based Simulator

This HD motion-based simulator is a five-minute, multi-sensory experience that combines a movie-like audiovisual presentation using a high-definition projection screen and surround sound, with the motion of the ride compartment. There are different rides available, including “Red Baron” and “Black Hole.”

Price: $150/hr (one-hour minimum)



Sports Package

Round up your Team!
Invite up to 350 of your closest friends to enjoy a sports event on our high-definition, 52-foot screen in the National Geographic Theater inside the Davidson Center for Space Exploration.  Our Special Events staff will customize a package to fit your needs, so come enjoy your game-day party at the U.S. Space & Rocket Center!




Supported with more than 100 years of collective experience, our professional catering staff at the USSRC services all events ranging from intimate receptions to extravagant seated dinners. Whether you dream of a large party under the authentic Saturn V moon rocket or a private cocktail reception under the space shuttle, we can make your vision come to life by helping you plan the perfect menu!


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