It's our birthday!


It's our birthday!

Ever wonder how Huntsville, Alabama, became Rocket City, USA? It is here that America’s space program launched, from the rocket that sent the first American satellite to space to the Saturn V rocket that took humankind to the Moon. The U.S. Space & Rocket Center started out showing off the state's amazing space achievements, but it's grown into a world-class spot to learn about space exploration. They even have Space Camp programs where you can train like an astronaut.

We're celebrating our 54th birthday this year, and we're still going strong! Opened in 1970, the Rocket Center takes you on a journey through space history, from the very first ideas to the tech we're using today.  You'll get to see giant rockets like the Saturn V, a whole space shuttle stack, and even the Apollo 16 capsule! We have a cool exhibit on the International Space Station and a constantly changing one called "Dare to Explore: Frontiers of Space."

And that's not all! The Rocket Center has an awesome planetarium called the INTUITIVE® Planetarium. We have daily live shows where you can journey through space under a giant dome - perfect for stargazers of all ages.

The Rocket Center is all about celebrating the human desire to explore, and we inspire people of all ages to discover new things through education and fun activities. So, are you ready to blast off on your own space adventure?

Here is what we are doing to celebrate:

March 11 - 17 (noon to 4 p.m.)

March Madness – Escape from Measurement Island: Students are stranded on Measurement Island and the only way to escape is through metrology. Students will gain an understanding of the work of a metrologist. They will work to practice using precision measurement instruments, while paying attention to cumulative error. Students will use logic to determine the sequence of events, locate escape items, and calculate the distance between each set of points to determine a total distance. Teams must be within a tolerance level of two inches in order to Escape from Measurement Island.

Teen Maker Hour

March 15-16 (10:30 a.m.)

For this exciting hands-on STEAM activity, participants will design and build a wearable, light up, Moon boot using the materials provided.

Tickets for this activity designed for ages 12 and up are $12 and general admission is NOT required.

STEM on Stage in “Dare to Explore: Frontiers of Space”

March 11 -17 (10 a.m. and 2 p.m.)

Discover the Forces of Flight in this demonstration about the scientific forces and principles that interact to cause flight. With the help of a wind tunnel, guests will be able to suspend an object to test how it responds to the four forces of flight, Bernoulli's Principle, and the Coanda Effect. 

STEAM Literature series

March 11-15 (10 a.m.) in Spark!Lab

Join us for stories and crafts about plants and learn how we grow them in space on the International Space Station.