2024 AI Symposium: How to Make AI Work for You

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The U.S. Space and Rocket Center embodies the pursuit of humans to explore the edges of knowledge of their environment and themselves. Located in Huntsville, AL, the Rocket Center houses one of the largest collections of space hardware in the world. From a model of America’s first satellite, Explorer I to the Smithsonian’s largest artifact our full-sized Saturn V rocket to models of the next generation space vehicles like the SLS rocket for Artemis missions, the Rocket Center spans the past, present, and future of space exploration.

Our Intuitive Planetarium uses state-of-the-art digital planetarium technology to host live interactive daily shows exploring the expanding edges of the known universe.  Regarded as one of the top planetariums in the U.S., our planetarium team receives data from the James Webb Telescope on an almost-daily basis and transforms it into stunning new hi-definition imagery.

We transmit our commitment to the future through our Space Camp programs. As the largest and one of the longest-running STEM programs in the world, we have exposed over one million trainees from all 50 states and over 150 countries to wonders of science, technology and space exploration during the last forty- plus years. Space Camp, started in 1982 and has evolved into four separate programs: Space Camp (exploring beyond our planet), Aviation Challenge (focusing on the skies to space), Space Camp Robotics (creating engineering solutions using mechanical tools) and U.S. Cyber Camp (exploring the world of cyber technologies in cooperation with the FBI).

Space Camp Institute

We are once again expanding our educational and historic offerings focusing on adults through Space Camp Institute. It’s the next evolution of USSRC’s STEM programming providing unique team-building and certification programs on a campus that defines human exploration and the Rocket City. Lifelong learning is fostered through immersive new experiences, all while building on existing U.S. Space and Rocket Center programs. Continuing with our heritage of exploring the outer edges of human existence, our AI Symposium focuses in on practical applications of artificial intelligence in the context of the broader the quest to replicate AGI (Average General Intelligence) using software.

AI Symposium

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