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Spark!Lab is closed for renovations Sept 25-29

Spark!Lab is open daily 9:00 am – 4:00 pm.   

Spark!Lab Activities

  • Spark!Lab Jr (5 and under) – Inventive thinking and problem-solving skills develop at a young age. Blocks, numbers, shapes, and books are among the activities to explore. 
  • Teeter Table - Because they’re always trying to solve new problems, inventors are constantly learning new skills and rules. The Towering Table challenges visitors to use blocks to build structures under challenging – and unstable – circumstances. To build towers, buildings, and other structures, visitors have to be creative in how they use the building space and balance their structures – especially since they may not be the only inventors hard at work!
  • Orbiting Objects -Every object in space exerts a gravitational pull on every other object. Across the entire universe, any object with mass exerts a gravitation pull. This activity lets you play with gravity and observe the way objects can revolve around other objects. 
  • Shaping Space – Using straws and connectors students build structures as well as mechanical and robotic mechanisms. Use your imagination! Can you shape a space that is round? How would you shape a space for a year-round, indoor dog park? 
  • STEAM Literature Series (SLS)   Tuesdays 10:30 a.m. - Join us for a weekly story hour devoted to a specific STEAM topic story read by our staff.


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STEAM Literature Series (SLS)

  • Tuesday, July 4, 2023: Paper Rockets
  • Tuesday, July 11, 2023: Insect story time, activities, crafts Entomology & Astronomy
  • Tuesday, July 18, 2023: Celebrate the first Moon landing with a Moon-themed storytime!
  • Tuesday, July 25, 2023: Structures & Construction

Content of schedule subject to change

Maker Mondays


  • September 4, 2023: Simple Machines Simple machines make labor easier to do! What is a simple machine? Explore, build, and test the types of simple machines that make labor easier.
  • October 9, 2023: Native Americans in STEM Celebrate Native Americans in STEM: From prehistoric to modern times, Native American people have engineered and built tools and cities, explored outer space, and created art and a cultural heritage that is a foundation of the Americas. Explore a history of the Native American people and astronauts though hands-on astronomy stories.

Content of schedule subject to change