Pathfinder: Space - Recommended Educator Resources

(grades 4-8) A. Before Camp - Preparation for your Visit

  • "Kid Zone: The International Space Station (ISS)" - interactive website that helps students understand how astronauts live and work in space -
  • "Get to Know the Space Station" - website with up-to-date information about the current International Space Station crew, streaming videos, and science performed on the station -
  • "STEMonstrations: Bone Density and Muscle Stress in Microgravity" - hands-on activities describing the effects of microgravity on the human body - pdf

B. After Camp - Continuing the Learning Process

  • "Train like an Astronaut" - Out-of-this-world activities for a healthier generation of kids.
  • "Build the Station Simulation - Educator Guide" - Just as international space agencies cooperated to build the International Space Station, students can work together to build a paper model of the world's largest orbiting laboratory. Teams take on the roles of international partners as they learn about and assemble portions of the model. During a mock summit, each team briefs the group about their section of the model. The teams then assemble the entire model to complete the space station. Pdf
  • "EarthKAM" - This exciting opportunity allows students to take pictures of Earth from the Sally Ride EarthKAM digital camera aboard the International Space Station. Participation is free.
  • "Spot the Station" - Learn when the International Space Station will fly over your location.