Engineering the Future

A docent leads a tour through the Davidson Center for Space Exploration


NASA Marshall Space Flight (MSFC) and military retirees comprise a robust docent program that supports the U.S. Space & Rocket Center, Space Camp and various museum programs.

Emeritus docents share their passion and knowledge with camp trainees, staff and museum guests to cultivate ongoing vitality and interest in aviation and America’s human spaceflight program. The Center and its Space Camp programs also benefit from current-day scientists, engineers and military workforce who share their enthusiasm and front-line perspective of mankind’s greatest achievements.

Engineering the Future

NASA Emeritus Oral History

Hear recollections of space history from our Emeritus Docents at the U.S. Space & Rocket Center, former engineers who worked on the space program.


Schedule is subject to change due to availability.

The highlights were watching the IMAX movie and talking with the docents in the Saturn V Hall. These gentlemen were so passionate, informative and all had wonderful stories to share. They will bring the displays to life. -TripAdvisor

You've seen Apollo 13. Perhaps The Right Stuff. Perhaps some other documentaries. You will still not believe the size, scale and audacity of the Saturn V Rocket. And go visit now, because those [docents] who work there - they know all these amazing details and are so excited to tell you. They worked on those rockets! They invented all that stuff! They invented the machines to produce all that stuff! And they did it in about a decade. Simply amazing. Thanks, Lowell, for the fascinating details, and for encouraging my daughters to be scientists!

I spoke with Mr. Pessin today, while on a Space Camp trip with my 6 yo daughter's girl scout troop. I would really like to thank him for sharing his time, generosity and expertise with me. I appreciated so much his willingness to discuss his history and knowledge of the Apollo program - was the highlight of my trip, in all honesty. These guys are the real deal, and it was an honor to make his acquaintance. Please let him know he was very much appreciated today? Sincerely, Meg

We met Alex McCool on our Saturday morning here. If you run into him, ask for a tour! He is 92 years old and is the sweetest man you will ever meet! I should warn you though, he is one smart cookie!! Alex man made the whole trip for us! He gave us a personal tour and told us about his career with NASA. He personally knew many astronauts and even helped put men on the moon!

We so LOVED our tour. Mr McCool was  a fascinating bundle of knowledge and energy. We were in awe of his pioneering life's work, yet he was so personable!! 

Spoke to a volunteer in the Saturn V area who spent quite a bit of his time telling us all about the ship, the mission, and the work he and everyone else put into it. He was so passionate and such a joy to talk to, he knew the answers to all our questions. He walked us around the entire area and told us about each thing we saw. He made our day!