Scout Day

$20 per person


Sept. 16, 2023

In addition to general admission, Scout Days include the following activities:

  • Hands-on Constellations: Build hands-on constellation models.
  • Star Charts: Assemble your own star map guide to observe and track the movements of the night sky.
  • Solar Telescope: View the sun with our INTUITIVE® Planetarium team.
  • Meet a NASA Emeritus Docent (Eagle Scout and Girl Scout Docents) Scouts will meet with NASA engineer/scientist docents and hear about their past or current projects and experiments in the field of engineering/science and learn what to study to become an engineer/scientist.
  • Spacecraft: Design, Build, Test - Scouts will imagine a scientific mission to space, draw inspiration from existing spacecraft and design and build their own simple model spacecraft to accomplish the goals of their mission. After assembling a spacecraft, scouts will test their designs to ensure they’re ready for launch.
  • NASA Solar Eclipse Science and Safety and Astronomy Education Resource Speakers

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