Science Never Stops is a digital collection of short learning segments featuring Rocket Center educators leading hands-on activities, talking with STEM professionals and exploring STEM concepts and ideas. Searchable by science field or grade level, these fun videos are a great addition to a classroom enrichment or a fun family activity. Learn by doing, learn from a professional or learn with an artifact with Science Never Stops.

Science Never Stops + is a series of learning modules designed for teachers and families to explore farther and learn more about concepts like rockets, drones and satellites. These learning modules include step-by-step instructions for re-creating fun activities in your classroom or home and tie STEM concepts to STEM careers. Themes are correlated to key science concepts across grade levels. Bring your curiosity and explore with us!

Pick one or more of the selections below to explore our library of Science Never Stops videos or Science Never Stops + modules

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Learn all about pie graphs!

Learn about the basics of angles.

Dr. Steven Ehlert talks about what it's like working with Chandra X-ray Observatory at NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center, a little bit about his scientific inspiration Sir Isaac Newton and what he would do in the Matrix!

Dr. Dennis Gallagher talks about why a question from Dr. James Van Allen reframed his perspective on research, how he got to be a NASA Plasma Physicist at NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center and what advise he would give to, not just scientists, but everyone.

Learn how bar graphs display relative amounts or sizes.

Learn more about the mathematics dealing with shapes and angles and how they relate to one another.

What are the different phases of matter?

What is a line graph?

Learn about the different types of symmetry.

Learn more about Topology, a unique and interesting branch of mathematics.

What is Gravity and how does it impact us? Learn how gravity works on the Earth and the Moon and experiment with coins.

Learn about force and Newton's Laws of Motion.

Darius Yaghoubi, one of NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center's Lead Aerospace Engineers working on the Mars Ascent Vehicle, talks about the projects that he's been a part of and gets into some details about how NASA will return samples of the Martian soil to Earth for study.

Justin Cartledge, an Eagle Scout with Boy Scouts of America, talks about what it's like to be a PAYCOM (Payload Communications Manager) at NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center.

What's a graph? What are the different parts?